If you are looking for Wedding Car For Rent in Islamabad, then you are at right place. We deals in Wedding Car For rent in Islamabad.


Islamabad, the ‘Capital of Pakistan’, is bustling with activity throughout the day. It is home to working professionals who come here from other cities or countries, as well as tourists on holiday. The only obstacle in their well-planned schedule is the mode of transportation. They need a reliable mode of transport which will allow them to travel to any corner of the city at any given point of time.

The vibrant young population which has made Islamabad home is fast breaking out of the limitations of public transport and seeking options which offer more convenience and flexibility. Falcon rent car is an ideal option among the many car hire services in Islamabad for this demographic, as it provides self-drive Wedding cars at affordable rates for adventurous folks who cherish their freedom.


Wedding Car rental service in Islamabad is now no hassle. The primary reason why self-drive car rentals Islamabad are gaining popularity is the host of features Falcon rent car provides, that reduce the liabilities on the customer. Also, this is a more reasonable option as compared to chauffeur driven cars. These are services that are not offered by traditional car rentals in Islamabad. Go on a tranquil drive from Islamabad, and explore the many spots on the way at your own pace in a self-drive car.

RENT A CAR  ISLAMABAD  is now no hassle. The traditional methods of car booking in Islamabad are obsolete. In this advanced digital age, everything happens at the click of a button. To book a car with us, open the website, select the car that suits your requirements, select the hours or days for which you need it, and you are done. Once the booking is completed, you can go to the allotted parking site and collect your self-drive car.

Are you looking Wedding Car for Rent in Islamabad ? Look no further . View variety of luxury Wedding Car for rent in Islamabad with driver & without driver. Our luxury wedding cars fleet inclues BMW, Mercedes, Limousine, Sports Cars, Prado and much more.Call us now!


Falcon rent car is always available at your service and will help you out in rent a car or booking wedding cars in an affordable range. Although in the past few years, looking for a wedding car rental was not that easy and people really had to some effort in booking wedding cars.

But now, all that effort is saved and you can enjoy the events very well by booking rent a car or wedding cars from one place. The traditional methods are now gone and people these days can confirm their bookings only by visiting the website and clicking some buttons.

The steps involved in doing so can be listed as follows, so you cannot even more time in looking for the accurate approach,

  • Open up our official website of Falcon rent car
  • Scroll down the list of all cars with their latest model pictures
  • Select the car that best suits your requirements
  • Choose the duration (hours, days, weeks) for which you need it
  • The booking is done

Once the booking process gets completed, you can go to the site of selected parking and make your self-drive luxury car.

Managing the wedding events is not an easy process to follow. You have to plan things when your wedding date is fixed or before the wedding date is fixed. This requires a well-organized assessment of the events and most importantly to look after for the guests.

All that hustle and bustle does make the wedding events to have the finest of the experience but having things done properly also adds more of the spark at the wedding. It’s a normal thing the mostly the groom and his friends and cousins are more interested in having the luxury, branded cars for the wedding ceremony you may get;

  • Range rover
  • Audi
  • Lexus
  • Prado
  • BMW
  • Sports car
  • Mercedes

All the credit goes to Pak Car Rentals which offers you the wedding car rental services at its best. It adds the flavour to your wedding ceremony by letting you enjoy the wedding car rental facilities that won’t disappoint you in any case, for sure.

Most important thing is insurance, our all vehicles are fully insured and Rent a a car with driver will be the best option for any case.

Wedding cars from Falcon rent car will relish your wedding ceremony. All the visits to the hotels, parties, marriage halls, bride’s home, and market and whatnot will be done by the wedding car rental services from Falcon rent car. Our company provides an extraordinary exceptional spark to your wedding events.

We have know-how enough about providing wedding cars transportation in Pakistan to some traditional events and eccentric showing up in elegant cars in such an occasion is so essential to a groom. Falcon rent car are listed among the best wedding car rentals in Pakistan.

They are responsible for delivering excellence as well as reasonably priced wedding car rental service in Pakistan. We also offer the decoration services to your wedding cars in a unique manner that will give an elegant look to the cars.

All of these sparks to your wedding ceremony just requires a pre-booking so that you can choose the best of the cars model, style, colour and all the requirements you need for a wedding. Falcon rent car can arrange the entire specific requirement for a wedding rental car you have planned or dreamt off.

Whether it is arriving at the restaurant for your wedding, making up to marriage halls, or it riding off with your bride at the first sunset, the car you will drove through will means a lot. Falcon rent car provides the ultimate rent a car service that will add significant meaning to your wedding day.

Once you experience the services offered by Falcon rent car we guarantee that you won’t think of anyone else and all of your next wedding transportation events will again be managed by Falcon rent car wedding car rental services. So, let your sleep aside and reserve a classy and modern-technology touch car for your special day right at your decided venue.

We will never dissatisfy you with the facilities they promised you. We have provided our services for rental wedding cars to many of the customers and we are pleased that everyone gave us positive feedback.

The wedding car rental service expresses

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

Off the record, we have a general idea that Pakistani weddings take a week for the completion of all the wedding events, and lots of parties, dances, joyful moments, lightning, excitement and wonderful rituals, following up the tradition.

But now, as all the spark of the wedding is lighted on the venue, and cars, following the eastern style. So, in terms of arranging the transport and looking after the guest’s pickup and drop off the struggle, you can enjoy the wedding car rental services, that are very convenient and will lower down your burden. You can then focus on the other issues of the wedding services and relax from this issue for renting a car for wedding.

Furthermore, the parties stay longer with the bride and groom’s families. Later plans for visiting different places and enjoyment are also of great importance. You can simply rent a car from Falcon rent car after the wedding ends so that you can go anywhere by enjoying a flexible ride, and without getting tired by driving to the long tours.

We will also provide you with the wedding packages that would be reasonable and all of your bookings would be confirmed so that you need to suffer after that. The preparations, arrangements, looking up for the rooms and resorts, food, travel, photography and what not will be under the control of Falcon wedding car rental services. Less struggle, less stress, and more enjoyment are what you will get at the end with all the satisfaction and positive vibes.

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